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26 Best Picks of Pedicure and Manicure Essentials

A thing of beauty is joy forever. When it comes to beauty, We take utmost care of face and hair, but hands and feet are often ignored. But all that is past. There were not many products that catered to skin nourishment. but now the scenario has changed. we have a good number of products available to pamper out hands and feet. Here are few of them that are really worth using for the beauty of hands and feet.

1. Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Electronic

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Scholl electronic foot file: An unplanned party and your feet unready? Here is the Scholl electronic foot  file that gives your feet an express pedicure. It removes the hard skin on your feet and gives your feet a velvet smooth feel.It offers a professional level pedicure as product itself is from Scholl brand that is a professional in catering to your foot care needs. Its specially designed   head is replaceable. This roller head is also detachable , so it can be washed and replaced whenever needed. Its compact size allows you to carry in your personal care travel pouch. The foot file is battery operated, hence can be used anywhere easily. The handle is ergonomically shaped for gentle and effective rotation. Also soft to hold, as it cares your hands too.

2. SAEM Perfumed Hand Moisturizer

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The seam perfumed hand moisturisers are new imported products. These make your hands soft and smell good. Worried about skin type,it suits all skin types.You can choose your choice of fragrance from the variety of fragrances available.Use this product and don’t be surprised if people ask for your handshake again and again.

3. Georgia USA Manicure Personal Care Apple Gift Box

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The Georgia USA Manicure Personal Care Apple Gift Box is a complete set of tools that helps you to groom your hands. Ideal to gift, as it comes in an attractive apple-shaped box. You may use it for yourself too as it contains the whole range of manicure tools.

4. Shadowfax Electronic Nail Care System Manicure

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Shadowfax Electronic nail care system manicure is to groom your toe nails and finger nails. It gives your nails an instant healthy looking shine.

It comes with three heads for filing, buffing and polishing. It is battery operated and hence can be used easily but take care that you apply low pressure while using it so that you don’t over buff it.

5. Aroma Care Gel Based Nail Poish

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Aroma Care Gel Based Nail Polish: These are available in multi colours. Add colours to your life with these chip resistant nail colours. These are for all age groups to pamper your nails. These give a smooth finish that looks professional. Available in unique and super shine colours, it comes with easy to apply brush. Get ready to spruce up the party look.

6. Nail Art Brushes And Tools Artistic Body Decoration Colouring Hand Care

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Nail Art Brushes And Tools: you want an artistic look to your nails. Here is something that suits you. A whole pack of brushes eight different brushes that gives you eye catching nails yet look original. hestriping brush provides you to create strips, The double ended dotting art brush to create spots. The angled brush and the flat tipped brushes also help to create intricate detail. so, decorate yourself with the help of this highly useful pack.

7. Kemei Electric Hand Nail Care Polish Manicure Set

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Kemei Electric Hand Nail Care Polish Manicure Set: Making rounds to the salon for manicure everytime, you may stop now, for here is the best hand and nail care set. This set contains a trimming disc to file the nails, Polishing disc for a polished surface, buffing disc that smoothens the rough skin. The cuticle barrel trims the cuticles and hard to reach corners, and finally the shaping cone to get you a perfect nail shape. Thanks to the LED light that lits up the working surfaces. No chance of splitting and breaking because of the single direction rotation. You may custom the nail shaping everytime with its adjustable speed and enhanced rotation settings.


8. Nail Care Cutter Cuticle Clipper Manicure Pedicure Kit Zipper Case Set

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Nail Care Cutter Cuticle Clipper Manicure Pedicure Kit Zipper Case Set: This set is a pack of manicure tools for you when you are on the go. Comes in a zip pouch, it is of a compact size. All the tools are carbon steel high quality material. The whole set consists of 12 pieces, all essentials which cater to almost all functions of nail grooming.

9. Grace Cole Case Study

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Grace Cole Case Study: Style up with these glittering nail colours. All the care for nails is all about having beautiful and attractive nails. After the nail care just polish with these colours to decorate your nails. Dynamic to choose bold colours or the sober ones, you have lovely colourful options to choose from.

10. Bare Essentials Nail Care

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Bare Essentials Nail Care: Love your pink nails, here is a complete set ready to pamper your nails. Want to paint a new shade or remove the old one, you have all essential tools like toe seperators and nail polish remover pads. Take care of your pinkies!

11. Electric Foot File

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Electric Foot File: Get adorable feet instantly! No time for a regular pedicure, then go for this electronic foot file that does scraping and scuffing hygienically leaving your feet soft and smooth. This works effectively for healing cracked heels. It also prevents callus growth. It has disposable  filing pads that ensures hygiene everytime you use it. It has a powerful motor that does all these things very quickly.

12. VLCC Pedi Glow Foot Care

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VLCC Pedi Glow Foot Care: Ideal for self grooming, this foot care kit is an excellent choice. Made of premium quality ingredients, it smoothens the rough skin on the feet, helps sooth the soring feet. Its enriched creams helps to prevent any infections that feet are prone to. Advisable to apply especially during rainy season.

13. Ruby Nail Art

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Ruby Nail Art:  Not always the enamel to put on your nails, Style up with the ruby nail art stickers, easy to wear and also fashionable. Pretty artistic patterns you have got to wear.

14. Himalaya Age Defying Hand Cream

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Himalaya Age Defying Hand Cream:  Hands are more exposed to pollution and hence tend to look dull. Often much care is taken for face but hands do reveal the age. Look younger with the himalaya age defying hand cream. This cream gives required moisture and nourishment to your hands making the skin supple. Its vitamin rich ingredients also revitalises the dull looking skin. Defy your age, not buying this product.

15. Hand Nail Cream Inatur Herbals

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Hand Nail Cream Intaur Herbals: Rejuvenate your hands by applying Intaur hand and nail cream. With all the goodness of honey, Calendula, vitamin E, olive oil and shea butter, it protects your skin’s natural elasticity and shine. Also to be massaged to the nails so that the cuticles are nurtured and look pretty.

16. Auriga si Nail Remover

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Auriga si Nail Remover: searched for many nail removers and finally chose Auriga si nail remover! you nailed it. Yes.  This is acetone free varnish. Its mild nature helps retain the natural shine of the nails without affecting its surface texture.

17. LIFESTYLE-REVLON Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Paint

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LIFESTYLE-REVLON Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Paint: These nail paints come in vibrant colours for you.colour with the REVLON Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Paint then apply a coat of The protective ColorStay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat which gives your nails a great finish. Go gear up for the party!

18. Faces Splash Nail Enamels

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Faces Splash Nail Enamels: More colours to choose from! Slapsh these colours on the nails see the awe inspiring hues like never before. You will love to watch your beautiful fingers again and again.

19. Kaya Advanced Acne Care

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Kaya Advanced Acne Care: Acne is generally due to accumulation of excess oil and dirt clogging the pores. The Kaya acne care kit contains cleanser, salicylic acid being the key ingredient that gently cleanses the pores from deep within. The kit also contains purifying toner, nourisher and spot corrector that gives an advanced wholesome treatment for acne prone skin. A must-have product for all acne problems.

20. B21 Reconditioning Cream Hands And Nails

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B21 Reconditioning Cream Hands And Nails: Recondition your hands and nails with this cream. SPF prevents the skin from premature ageing as it contains biowhite complex to eliminate dark spots. It also lighten your skin leaving it smooth and supple like never before.

21. Lancaster Aquamilk Comforting Hand Nail Cream

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Lancaster Aquamilk Comforting Hand Nail Cream: This aqua based cream keeps your skin hydrated. it enhances the cellular cohesion, hence makes the skin supple and soft.

22. Ocean Shower Gel Sea Mineral Hand Nail Cream

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Ocean Shower Gel Sea Mineral Hand Nail Cream: This skin care kit contains shower gel, sea mineral hand and nail cream and a loofah for free. The shower gel and cream rejuvenate the skin cells. Its natural ingredients help in keeping the skin hydrated by balancing the moisture content. Its Fragrance makes you feel refreshed.

23. Beautytime Manicure Kit

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Beautytime Manicure Kit: This kit helps you to maintain your nails trim and clean. Its hardened cutting edges, helps in precise cutting. It offers maximum grip. This can be carried wherever you go.

24. Flowers Pattern Long Special Pillow

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Flowers Pattern Long Special Pillow: Rest your hands free on this special pillow. This gives good support and stability to your hands while you apply your nail art. With its super soft fabric you won’t let your hands off the pillow.

25.hand Soak Bowl Tray Treatment Remover Manicure Soaking Tool

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Hand Soak Bowl Tray Treatment Remover Manicure Soaking Tool: This two piece hand soak bowl tray is a must have product for its utility. You can comfortably position your hands to soak and sit relaxed as you get your manicure done.

26. 7 Piece Professional Manicure Amp Pedicure System

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Seven Piece Professional Manicure Amp Pedicure System: want salon quality pedicure! Pick up the pure nails seven piece pedicure set. These attachments help you have your nails in tip top shape.It is also provided with speed settings, LED light for better focus.  This is an energy efficient tool.

Confused with the many products available in the market? Hope this list of products helps you choose the right products to make your beautiful hands and feet ever more beautiful.

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