33 Party Clutches Handpicked For You

Be it a business meeting, a college farewell, a family function, a wedding party or an evening party, a clutch in your hand is always worthy. Clutch is a trendy accessory which elevates your style statement and also comes in handy to carry your essentials. Every woman wishes  to look unique wherever she goes. So here is the wish list that makes you a cynosure.

This list is a collection of cherry picked clutch bags for you! Each of which fascinates you to buy one or two or more!

1. Carlton London Golden Clutch Bag

Clutch bag 1


The carlton London golden clutch bag is  a simple yet great clutch with a beautiful embellishment on its flap. This stops your search for a suitable accessory as it goes great with most of the dresses in your wardrobe. Loved it so much that you want it for years to come! Rest assured it is made of durable synthetic leather.

2. Pink Box Clutch With Handle

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This pink box clutch is a perfect party wear that looks best with a matching dress, be it a short top or a saree.  This cluctch comes it a handle to carry. The chains linked to it enhances its look. This bag not only elevates your style, but also your elegance.

3. Dice Black Clutch

clutch bag 3


You look dazzled at the party, not just for your dress, but with this stylish dice black clutch too. Have it in your hand to see how many people envy  you.  This can be teamed with a pair of heels and a short outfit. This clutch is conveniently compartmented to hold all your essentials.

4. Fashionable Hand Bag Patterned Rhinestone Glitter

clutch bag 4check_latest_price

Dooda clutch shines at evening parties as it has rhinestone and diamonds, pasted on its flap. Its golden colour brings more attraction.  It also comes with a strong magnetic closure.Looks awesome with any western wear or a dazzling party saree. But just bear the occasion in mind.

5. Eyes Language clutch

clutch bag 5 check_latest_price

A thing of beauty is joy forever. This clutch is  simple and beautiful. No one can take off eyes from this Eyes language clutch. This is a light weight attractive icon with card slots. It isalso  easy to maintain because of its washable material.  More appropriate when teamed with a matching casual dress.

6. Evening Hand Bag Magnetic Closure

clutch bag 6check_latest_price

Dooda bling clutch wallet is another attractive piece with a chain sling. You feel great with its smooth inner fabric. Undoubtedly this would be a long lasting product. This clutch goes well with both ethnic and western wear.

7. Non Leather Clutch

clutch bag 7check_latest_price

Mte Beige non leather clutch is a good to have product. You need not think  with which dress it looks good, because it can be carried with any casual dress. Look simple, feel great, with this clutch in your hands!

8. Lino Perros Womens Clutch Red

clutch bag 8check_latest_price

LinoPerros women’s clutch makes you look special. Little bigger in size than the other clutches, this can hold few more things. Heading for a party, here is an appropriate accessory to carry.

9. Cream Weaved-Textured Handbag

clutch bag 9check_latest_price

Cream weaved textured hand bag has an elegant look. Need to rush  for a business meeting? Here is your accompaniment that makes you look like a perfect professional.

10. Causal College Bag Kleio

clutch bag 10check_latest_price

Kleio casual bag is a one   that sports a trendy look. Certain to be loved by the youth for its fashionable colours.So can be carried for college to bag more degrees. Not just the look, it has ample room to hold the things required for college goers.

11. Lino Perros Pink

clutch bag 11check_latest_price

LinoPerros pink clutch is the one loved by every woman for its colour and is cherished for its texture. Winters are better to take this along as it is a bright coloured one. This clutch suits  any semi-formal wear.

12. Pink Leatherette Handbag

clutch bag 12check_latest_price

Pink leatherette hand bag can be a good accessory for your formal wear. A pair of trousers and and formal shirt is what needed to carry this. No doubt this is a sought after bag for the executives. Looks trendy though…

13. Gold Net Clutch

clutch bag 13check_latest_price

Feel like a princess with this clutch in your hand! The handle is so beautifully carved like the crown of a queen. With its heavy embellishment,  itlooks so  grand. This serves as a great  accompaniment when you go  for any wedding parties.

14. Kleio Girls Women Casual Festivel Formal Party Wedding Gold Velvet Clutch

clutch bag 14check_latest_price

Kleio clutch is a good to hold accessory for festive occasions. Drape yourself in  asaree and have it in your hands, its golden colour offers a rich look for an elegant you!

15. Casual Pink Pu Clutch

clutch bag 15check_latest_price

A casual clutch that you can carry for shopping. A pink clutch in hand is worth having as it suits many dresses and  pink is the dominant colour in everyone’s wardrobe.

16. Stoln Women Blue Black Clutch Bag

clutch bag 16check_latest_price

Stoln blue black clutch is a simple and stylish hand bag with a chain to carry. This colour combination gives a fresh look. Suits perfect for any casual or semi-formal wear.

17. Oleva Ladies Clutch Bag With Crystal Brooch

clutch bag 17check_latest_price

Oleva clutch is a handy clutch with a crystal brooch to enhance its look. Suits best with ethnic wear. With colourful bangles on your hand, this clutch adds more grandeur.

18. Clutch Bag

clutch bag 18check_latest_price

This clutch sports an Indian look. Stitched with Bandini cloth, it’s a perfect ethnic accessory. This will come to use for those many festivals of India.

1 9. Foolzy Womens Clutch Bag

clutch bag 19check_latest_price

Awesome clutch with a good handle.fabulous pink is so attractive that you tend to choose a pink dress everytime only to carry this clutch bag. Team it with semiformal  dress- you look just perfect!

20. Zafraa Imported Ladies Women Clutch

clutch bag 20check_latest_price

These clutches with pictures like kitty and other stuff can be used by the teenage girls, who wish to look funky. These clutches can also be gifted for birthday parties and other such occasions.

21. Zafraa Imported Ladies Women Clutch Cosmetic Bag

clutch bag 21check_latest_price

Zafraa imported ladies cosmetic bag is a best quality product with good volume.wherever you got to go, just pick it up and sling it on. It is so durable that you will surely have it for many years. The black and brown colour combination enables to match with any casual wear. The shopaholics there! This is for you to fit in all your knick-knacks.

22. Ilex London Orange Black Leather Sling Bag

clutch bag 22check_latest_price

The Ilex London orange and black leather sling bag is quite capacious in structure, durability being its strength. Stylish bags in big size are rarely found. So wait not to grab one.

23. Panache Cosmetic Bag

clutch bag 23check_latest_price

Panache cosmetic bag comes in beautiful, loved by women pink colour.It can hold all cosmetic essentials, hence a good travel-mate. Also, it can be maintained easily by just cleaning with a damp cloth.

24. Satya Paul Maroon Clutch

clutch bag 24check_latest_price

Thesatya Paul maroon clutch comes with a golden border line.This red coloured clutch is always perfect for a party wear or an ethnic wear.

25. Clutch Bags

clutch bag 25check_latest_price

A simple clutch in refreshing green colour is a one to be with you when you are attending any function. Little bigger than other clutch bags, it is more convenient.

26. Ruby Stylish Sling Bag Clutch Shape

clutch bag 26check_latest_price

Ruby stylish sling bag is a must-have one, because of its exquisite features. Its colour,texture and shape jazz up your appearance even if you are in a casual wear.

27. Quilted Mini Sling Bag

clutch bag 27check_latest_price

Quited mini sling bag : This fantastic yellow bag offers a chic and stylish look. You can stay ahead of the fashion pack with this bag in your hands. The design on its flap is an added attraction.

28. Arisha Blue Handbag

clutch bag 28check_latest_price

Arisha blue hand bag is a wonderful treat for all elegant women. It has a rich look and soft texture with a special design.

29. Cotton Clutch Bag

clutch bag 29check_latest_price

The cotton clutch bag gives a native look for funky look lovers. Its vibrant colours are very attractive. Can be carried well with casual wear especially for teenage girls.

30. Clutches And Wallets

clutch bag 30check_latest_price

This is a 3-in-1 set with beautiful butterflies print. Can be used the best during travels. This set caters to hold almost all the cosmetic essentials needed.

31. Multi Flower Clutch

clutch bag 31check_latest_price

Multi flower clutch-When you are bored of plain looking clutches, you can carry this floral print clutch bag. Looks afresh when you go for an outing.

32. Caprese Green Casual Tote Bag

clutch bag 32check_latest_price

Caprese green casual tote bag is a one for your casual wear. But be sure your dress complements the bright green colour.

33. Multicolour Flower Embroidery Bag

clutch bag 33check_latest_price

Multi colour flower embroidery folder bag has a unique charm. The artsilk texture adds to its grace. Good to know this hand bag is hand made.

That’s the end of tempting options. The list may end here, but not your wish to buy them. So, just go ahead and buy the loved ones for you or your loved ones. Happy shopping!

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