40 Short Hair Color Ideas That Will Inspire You to be the Next Style Icon

Short Hair Color Ideas: Both women and men love to sport short hair as it looks amazing, and is very convenient in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Here, it is worth mentioning that although hair coloring practice was there since ancient times, modern hair color made their appearance for the first time in the early 20th century when L’Oreal’s founder Eugène Schueller created synthetic hair dye.  Earlier, henna, indigo, extract from berries were in wide use for hair coloring. Thanks to the commercial production of innumerable hair colors, people have now the luxury to choose whatever they desire to flaunt their sense of style.

Now, since everybody now has a fetish to color their hairs, there are plenty of color ideas for short hairs too.  Apart from the usual brown, copper, and blonde, you can go for dark purple on a pixie cut, multi-colored tones for a more modern look, and various shades of pink. The trend is also for the ridiculously beautiful denim hair. It is now becoming increasingly popular among all hair color lovers across the world. Silver smoke, Dusty Lavender, and Rose Gold are also some of the few others hair color ideas that are quite a rage among those who sport short hair and want a refreshed look. 

1. Pink Hair Color


A good hair Color can make you look and feel totally different in an instant. The pink  hair Color works like a magic and transforms your look. One of the most interesting thing in the fashion world is that everything tend to change by the time. Women rock with short hair cuts, they like frequent updates and styles. Pink Color is becoming very popular, it looks great for the women with blond hair. This hair Color became so hot amongcoloured hair lovers as it is followed by numerous fans for a long time.

2.Medium bright Blur Hair Color

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If you can’t change your surroundings change your hair Color. Blue hair suits suits to everyone on their skin tone. Cole your hair naturally with this blue hair color, this makes your hair lustrous and healthy. The more porous the hair, the more vibrant and longer – lasting the Color  will be.Matching different hairstyles, it can show totally different fashion look. Ideal for blonde hair.

3.Spring Green Hair Color



A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. The finish line to winter is finally in sight and what better way to change up your look for Spring than a new spring Color green hair Color. The Color is included on the Color wheel that is precisely half way between cyan and green. The Spring green hair Color suits

4.Turquoise Blue Hair Color



Don’t just live a life of black and white when there’s a spectrum of colors available for you. Don’t confine yourself, instead express yourself and have some fun. A wonderful bright blue turquoise is one of the top selling colors. It’s a bright teal blue that glows with vibrant blue reflexes in strong light. It’s best on hair that has been pre-lightened to pale blonde. This versatile Color looks great with everything and mainly for teenagers who are looking for a change.

5.Honey Brown Hair Color


Honey brown hair Color is one of some types of brown hair Color. Today some women like to wear brown hair Color than some other colors because brown Color is natural for all types of skin tone, you must be careful in choosing one of best brown hair Color types. Some celebrities wear this hair Color.

6.Light Golden Brown Hair Color


Golden brown is an attractive and appealing shade of brown hair Color, due to it’s shiny and vibrant hues. Golden brown is a warm hair Color that looks stunning on curly hair with warm skin complexion. The golden hues add radiance to the yellow tinge making it to sparkle shiny. This shade of hair Color looks flamboyant with some hair styles for brown light hair.

7.Blurred Lines


The hair Color gives a multi –tonal look they want. The brush, which has long bristles to distribute, and can create stark, edgy styles or more natural looking highlights. Blur horizontally, vertically or diagonally for contrast, ombré highlights or soft movements. You can use two shades with two to three levels of difference for best results.

8.Ombre Splashlights


You can call this halo-effect colour ombre’s little sister. It is meant to look like a ray light is constantly hitting the hair, making it perfect for the one who like to live life in the spotlight. You can include crown lights – a bold style for those wanting a unique look- or fringe lights, which draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. With this you look like there’s a beam of light across your hair

9.Cool Waves- Medium Blonde Hair Color


If you want cool waves, try this look and wear it with natural waves or straight. Medium blonde is the hair Color usually women try to pick. During summer, it is easy to see women with this blonde hair color. It is easy to maintain and has ivory highlights around the front. As the shade has neutral tones so it will be flattering regardless of skin Color. This is a perfect hair style for party when you are thinking of about trends.

10.Forward Sweep – Bob Hair Color


If you’re looking for a tousled bob hairstyle, then try a forward sweep short length haircut perfect for the Spring or Summer. The sides of the hairstyles are swept forward in a very natural curve, as if caught by a quick and vanishing breeze. Keep right up to date with approaching trends and the best short styles.The asymmetrical Bob creates a modern vibe and shows an independent but feminine image.

11.Short Platinum Blonde Hair Colorshort_hair-_color_ideas_11

A short haircut is a simple way to make your looks sharper and brighter. Short hair draws extraordinary attention to your face, so think what features you’d like to accentuate with your short haircut. Short hair will look wispier than it actually is, when dyed a light Color.Platinum blonde is a very cool option to keep things trendy, why not spring for an androgynous, edgy style, like this one.

12.Hair – Chalk Color


When you Color your hair with chalk, you can try out a rainbow of colors without having to make a long term commitment. This kind of hair colouring tends to look best if you only Color one or several sections of hair. Add  striped highlights, or try ombre where you just Color the ends of your hair. Teenagers who want Color for fun or experiment with hair should go with this.

13.Blue Hair Chalk Color


Colouring your hair with chalk is simple, inexpensive, and fun. Whether you want to add zip for a fun night out or you want to experiment with hair Color, using chalk for temporary hair Color might be the way to go. Add blue Color to your hair with blendable hair chalk. With new hair chalk technology, edge hair chalk provides better results and less mess. Hair chalk can be used with curlers or flats irons. Have fun applying Color to your hair and to look hot.

14.Short Blonde Hair Color


This look is stylish and has lots of volume. This is an Afro type hairstyle that has been layered and curled up at the front. The hair is very short at the back and the sides just over the ears. The overall look is classy and chic. The hair Color is blonde which makes it look more classy.

15.Short Red Hair With Thick And Full Curls


Even though much of the length and volume were taken away this even shorter incarnation does not lack in the glamour. The curls are thick, full and well defined. Most of the volume sits on the upper half of this glorious and desirable short hairstyle while the sides and back are less dramatic to give the overall look a flattering oval shape.The gorgeous red hair look is great for any occasion because it looks wonderful with wavy or curly hair styles.

16.Rainbow Hair Colorshort_hair-_color_ideas_16

The rainbow hair Color tones below could be inspired by the parrot feather colors. You can also use the blue Color at the top for a better look following by the green, yellow, orange, red, the Color the long fringe with the dark purple hair Color tones adds the beauty. Teenagers and young women will look funky with this hair Color, it looks better if you have short straight hair.

17.Rainbow Colors For Funky Hair


The marvelous Funky haircuts with Rainbow Color for round faces girls with straight and fine hair bangs adds more look. Now short hair can also be Color-ridiculous and cool at the same time. The Rainbow Color can be executed flawlessly and styled beautifully, resulting in amazing layers of bright and bold colors. From the yellow, orange, red, green and blue the whole look is vibrant and splendid. With the hair style as funky as this, you’ll no longer have to worry about a bland or boring hair day again

18.Super Short Hair With Purple Color


Hairstyles Color short haircuts for long faces women with straight and fine hair in purple Color and beautifies your look. Women with short hair always dye their locks with stylish hair colors to make it more attractive. Though vibrant yet exquisite hue is one of the most vivid shades which are quite bold and mysterious for a bob hair style which makes it eye-catching. The Color being purple goes with most complexions.

19.Deep Purple Hair Color For Short Hair


If you have dark hair Color and want to go for a radiant shade deep purple is a good option. It works with dark complexion as well as with light skin tones. You can combine it with your dark shade creating black purple effect. There are many hairstyles that look very captivating with deep purple hue. The short and straight hair coloured with deep purple gives a classy and more compelling look. You can also highlight dark purple on the dark hair. Besides giving dimensions and depth those highlights will also refresh the shade of your hair.

20.Pastel Shades On Short Hair Mint



The hair Color looks fantastic applied as an all over Color or used as an ascent to white hair. It goes well with very pale blonde or platinum coloured hair. Mint green is the lightest shade of the subtle green hair Color and goes with dark complexion as well. This Color looks beautiful both on wavy and straight hairstyles and transforms you into another lady and will grab more attention.

21.Fireside Temporary Hair Color


By combining the fierce red Color with an ombre orange, your hair will become as fierce as you and it is an eye popping and attention grabbing unique hair Color. There’s nothing more fierce then a fire engine red hair Color. A bright red is a great starter Color for people wanting to try out a unique hair Color. The bob cut hair style with spikes having red and yellow two toned Color spikes with a contrast of dark red Color makes you look like the celebrities.

22.Blonde To Dark Color


The blonde Color will surely make your hair look fantastic due to the fact that the different layers of your hair will have intermediary shades that will take the entire Color from blonde to dark one. Colouring your hair is a very good idea, it makes you look fresh and adds positive vibes to your personality. Look and feel different with this blonde hair Color and enjoy the funky change on your attire. Brown is descent hair Color for fashionable women.

23.Pink Hair Color


Short hair is amazing, unique and different, something everyone wants to be these days. Nowadays hair colors have gained popularity by their hairdo with a touch of Color added to it. The funky pink hair Color idea is perfect if you wish to make an eye popping statement. Use your hair colouring skills to play with darker and lighter shades and prepare for the ultimate makeover that allows you to break out of your shell in a instant. If one want to have a celebrity look then this pink Color with light shade is perfect to try out.

24.Lime Green Hair Color


Green is the Color between blue and yellow on the spectrum of the visible light. Bright and crazy Color is a huge trend right now. It is really awesome to know that there is so much room for beauty and style if you use a variety of colors to enhance the appeal of your hair. Lime green Color with a bowl haircut can really make your hair strikingly attractive. It is likewise time for you to be artistic and get out of the box to let your charm and beauty to really come out.

25.Ash Blonde Hair Color


Women with a fine hair texture will make the hair thicker and look perfect with this ash blonde hair Color. The ash blonde base has been highlighted with streaks of icy white and light ash tones, giving an ultra light and soft touch. The hair Color looks lovely with fair, cool complexion. It looks very natural and stylish at the same time, it also adds youthful look on you. Ash blonde hair Color is suitable for fair complexion.

26.Medium Brunette Hair Color



Women look gorgeous in beautiful chestnut brown hair Color, which is a combination of brown and copper tones. It is a neutral hair Color which is sometimes met as a natural shade which is a feminine and cool Color that goes with most complexions. Very often blondes go for light chestnut brown shade when they need to change their Color. It helps them bring out their complexion and beautifully goes with dark eyes as well as with light eye Color,it looks nice on short straight haircuts.The copper red and brown tones warm up her skin and bring out the Color of eyes giving a rich, healthy looking finish.

27.Rainbow Hair Colors


If you have a white skin Color it will be possible for you to have a cool look by preferring caramel shaded highlights on your short hairs. As short hairs do not look good on everybody with single Color, this rainbow hair Color with blue, purple, pink when coloured on black hair looks good and attractive. You may prefer to dye your hairs to brown shades and have a caramel dyes in the edges of your hair.

28.Light Brown Hair Color


Women with wheatish skin are luckier than those with brunette and white skin colors as both dark and light colors are compatible with this skin Color. The brown shades can look very fantastic in the event that you have short hairs which are cut on your shoulder alignment. The hair colors that look good on short hairs may also vary in accordance with your face type as well as the Color of your eyes.The brown lowlights are more prominent on the top while the blonde tones stand out more in the front giving a stunning look.

29.Platinum  Hair Color


Ice white is perfect for short hair.  Platinum best suits cool, yellow toned complexions and is set to be a huge hair Color trend . If you have natural hair Color then the new white hair Color ideas will definitely interest you and it goes with fair skin tones and light eye Color. The hair Color looks nice on any hairstyle with it’s monotone effect. Lighter shades usually have cool reflection while warmer shades include some golden hues.

30.Short Strawberry Blonde Hair Color


Strawberry blonde is a fashionable hair Color and are famous among celebrities. There are many monochromatic looks with strawberry blonde, but it can also win from combinations with other delicious hues. The cool toned strawberry blonde for the base looks fabulous with the warm honey highlights. If you are looking for an eye-catching look one can try this shade. A side bang is always a great way for women with longer face shapes.

31.Medium Blonde Hair Color


Blonde is the most playful shade that every woman dreams to have. The medium blonde tone is gorgeous and compliments your fair skin tone perfectly and adding another layer of texture are the subtle medium blonde lowlights blended in expertly to make this simple style full of attractive features.Just like sea sand particles of lighter and darker hues, this blonde hair Color aptly blends highlights with the base Color and offers an effortless sunny hairstyle that will look gorgeous with tanned as well as fair skin.

32.Black Hair Color


There’s never been a better time to rock your natural coils, kinks and curls. Keep up to date with the latest natural black hair Color. Chin length hairstyles, including bobs and shags are very popular these days and look stunning. With this hair Color you look attractive and fashionable and you are well on your promenade day.Short hair with bangs go well with this natural black hair which suits to your personality.

33.Ash Blonde Hair With Platinum Highlights


As for the ash blondes they are generally natural looking matte shades. The so desired shine is provided with the thin platinum highlights. Just a few platinum tints and your lovely hair Color is turned to a fashionable and brand new hue.If you want a more complex looking two tone hair Color, try platinum highlights on your natural dark blonde base.

34.Copper Blonde Hair Color

hair color styles for short hair

Copper hair is a broad term for so many variations of hair, it draws attention and turn heads everywhere you go. Picking the right  Color will brighten your skin and give life to your tresses. Natural looking copper with soft golden highlights creates a stunning elegance fit for a princess. If your hair is straight and short  then treat your tresses with a silky finish to enhance the radiance of the gorgeous copper fade. Fair skin tones that have freckles wear this Color amazingly.

35.Light White Blonde Hair Color

pictures of short hairstyles from the back

The main secret is, of course, their sex appeal, that comes from the specific cut and the desirable hair Color. The fair haired forecast for this summer is chic, bright and sophisticated with occasionally touches of creamy flair. The lightness and slight yellow tone of this blonde best suits a slightly peach complexion.The blonde hair with short hair cut gives a celebrity look.

36.Brown Hair With Copper Highlights


Single tone locks don’t surprise anyone today, playing with hair hues is fun. To give your hairstyle an easy update, try a Color that’s relatively close to your own. Place the highlights around the crown of your head and extend them fully to make them appear as natural as possible. It’s also very important to choose the hues that will be in harmony with your skin tone. The brown Color with copper highlights when combined with short hair cuts  and your eye Color looks stunning and gorgeous.

37.Brown Hair Color


Brown shades suit all types of women, for Asian women too this hair Color shade is sure to catch a lot of attention. Shift from the usual shade of brown to dark brown hair Color. This will give you a bold impression and also lend a beautiful look. The hair Color will go well with short hair styles and fair complexion.

38.White Platinum Blonde Hair Color


The White Platinum hair Color is sexy, striking, and glamorous and really suits fair complexion. One who don’t want to look mature, try this one which will make you look cute, native and beautiful at the same time, and will show everyone how young you are. This is more striking when paired with metallic eye shadow and pink lipstick. The messy top and sides add volume and texture to this hairstyle.

39.Blonde Hair With Dark Pink Highlights


Blonde hair with pink highlights would pop against any hair Color, the pink appears even brighter when it’s set off blonde hair. Though they are two different colors, but they work very nicely together. The blonde cools down the hot brightness of this dark pink and when the shades blend together, they create a pretty mix of hot and icy. The bangs frame the face nicely and add a bit of drama to this tender looking hairstyle.

40.Pastel Pink Hair Color


Pastel colors are really on trend right now, after all, who doesn’t like pink. Though they are funky, while others are rather exquisite and can be pulled by anyone who desires a creative but appropriate looking hair Color on the base of their natural hair shades. The pastel pink for blonde hair makes you look gorgeous. These locks look like candy, so sweet, pretty and unique.


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