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How To Make a Jewelry Box – 8 Best Ways

How To Make a Jewelry Box at Home : Jewelry is Women’s’ most prized possession. They love it so much that they treasure it with fondness. They even associate memories with it. When and where they bought it, or who gifted it to them at which occasion them and so on. So they keep adding trinkets to their collection. To organize these things, is needed a jewelry box. Why do you want to choose a simple box when your jewelry collection is so creative and unique?  Store your stuff in a stylish way. Buying one is good, but making a box by yourself is also a great idea. Here are some simple ways in which you can prepare a jewelry box all by yourself, wherein you can show your creativity in adding designs to the box. We will present you two models of boxes that can be easily made at home.  Let’s see how!

MODEL – 1How To Make a Jewelry Box 1

How To Make a Jewelry Box 2

To begin with, here is the list of items that are needed to prepare a jewelry box.

  • Foam Board
  • Parts diagram
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • Hot silicone glue
  • Glue stick
  • 5 Beads
  • Decorative paper
  • Baize

You may download the parts diagram by clicking here.

Step 1: Here’s how the diagram looks like. Cut all the parts to according to the diagram.

how to make jewelry box 3

Step 2: Now that all the parts are ready, draw a line of 3cm from the edge.

Jewelry box measurements and cutting

Step 3: Now, attach all these with glue as shown. For this purpose, you need to use silicone glue.

Step 4: Along the drawn line, stick the shelf with glue, and then the upfront part.wooden box - jewelry box base

Step 5: Now glue the baize on the shelf.      Closing the jewelry box

Step 6: Now join the dividers for partitioning. Jewelry Box - dividers and partitioning

Step 7: Time to prepare the drawer! Assemble the parts of the drawer by watching the diagram carefully. Glue the baize on it too.Preparing the Jewelry box drawer

Step 8: Now that the drawer and shelf are ready, insert the drawer into the shelf. By now, a rough structure is ready. We now have a drawer in the lower compartment and four partitions in the upper.

Step 9: stick a piece of cloth on the edge of the cover with glue stick.preparing the drawer

Step 10: Glue the decorative paper that is taken all over to make it beautiful.Inserting the drawer

Step 11: Neatly Glue the cover to the base of the jewelry box; also stick the decorative paper along the walls of the drawer and the shelf.Decorate jewelry box with color paper

Step 12: Out of the five beads, take one, and stick it at the center of the drawer.Pasting Beads to Jewelry Box

Step 13: Decorate the sides of the box with another color paper of fabric neatly.decorate sides - jewelry box

Step 14: Now stick the remaining four beads at the bottom.Paste beads to bottom - jewelry box

Step 15: Now insert the drawer.

Step 16: Stick any stickers of your choice on both sides of the lid  of the box. Full Jewelry Box

Here is an enchanting jewelry box ready to use. You may prepare one for yourself or gift it for others, a personalized jewelry box!

Checkout the below video to watch how to make this jewelry box at your home:


This is an innovative model in which we turn an old note book into a jewelry box. Wondering how!

Let us see how it is possible!

Step 1: Firstly choose an old book with a hard cover that you no longer need. Choose a book of any length depending on your requirement. i.e., a long note book if you want a big box, a shorter one for a small box from old book

Step 2: Draw a rectangle on the first page of the book, leaving one inch space from the edges of all four sides.

book jewelry box 2

Step 3: Cut along the lines of the rectangle with the help of an X-Acto knife. You may use a ruler for cutting, so that it comes straight. Cut all the pages in the same way, taking a handful of pages at a jewelry box 3

Step 4: Remove the page rectangles in the centre.

Step 5: Now shake the book holding it upside down by both covers to ensure no pieces of paper are left over after cutting the jewelry box 3

Step 6: Using a craft adhesive, glue all the pages together. For better sticking apply this glue in between the pages jewelry box 4

Step 7: Now, paint the outside of all of the pages as well as the edges of the pages that are exposed inside the rectangle that you cut.

Step 8: Leave the top cover of the book unglued. But stick the pages of the book to its bottom cover. Let it dry for some time.

Step 9: After it is completely dry, lift the front cover of the book. And you will see your old book morphed to a storage box. You can store the jewelry in the space obtained after cutting the rectangle.

Step 10: Now that the structure of box is complete, Bring out your creativity to decorate it artistically. You can stick rhinestones, fabric designs like flowers or anything else according to your taste. You may even write some messages on it.

Now that you possess the skill of making jewelry boxes, don’t hesitate to buy more and more trinkets, as you can have as many jewelry boxes as you need. Keep adorning your dressing table with self-made jewelry boxes.

Note: Model 2 and its images are sourced from here. 

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