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20 Ways to Wear a Long Cardigan With Jeans

We all know a cardigan is a knitted garment with an opening in the front side. Buttons or zips are there in cardigans. Conventionally, the cardigan is woven from wool. Currently, other materials are also used. It usually has round neck or V-neck.

Let us know the different types of Cardigan

  1. Belted Type
  2. Cropped Type
  3. Jacket with Hoodie Type
  4. Long Type
  5. Open Type
  6. Sleeveless Type
  7. Tunic Type
  8. Zipped Type

How to Wear a Cardigan with Jeans?


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Trendy cardigan suits frock, skirt, jeans and even nightgowns. Today let me tell you the best ways to wear a cardigan with jeans. Before that let me tell you how to wear it with jeans.

  • When you consider cardigan with jeans make sure you select the right fitting jeans.
  • Long or short, with or without sleeves, buttoned or unbuttoned, cardigan gels well with tight fitting jeans.
  • The chic look will be there only when your jeans are
  • Wear a cardigan that comes at the waist to some extent and wraps your belt.
  • The button is the key to any cardigan. Leave your last button open.
  • Select the colors based on your skin tone, season and event.

20 ways to wear a long cardigan with jeans

Whether you are short or long, fat or fit you can wear a long cardigan. Never mind if you are bulky select a fitting cardigan. Use my tips to streamline your outfit and showcase your look.

  1. Rolled Jeans with Skinny heels


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For that long cardigan that is overpowering you, just roll up your jeans in such a way that your ankles peep out. Wear skinny heels to add that glamor to you.

  1. Short shirt with long cardigan


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Are you feeling embarrassed about your butt when you were a short shirt? No worries cover up with a long cardigan without losing your image.

  1. Long boots


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You can try your long cardigan with fitting jeans just by using a long boot.

  1. Cuffed Sleeves


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Cover your cardigan above a button down, blowing the sleeves of it above the sleeves of your cardigan for that classy vibration.

  1. Sneakers


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You are not keen on wearing a heel, never mind you can replace it with Sneakers. Sneakers add that dashing look long cardigans. Blow up your jeans to show your sexy skin near the ankle.

  1. Fun print shoes


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There is another way to give that appealing look to your long cardigan is by wearing a shoe that has fun prints on it. Fun print usually includes animal prints like leopard, tiger and zebra print shoes.

  1. Bright long cardigan


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Red is very closely related to love, heart, and warmth. Red gives that bright feeling during those gloomy days. Wear a red long cardigan on your fitting jeans to elevate your mood and others too.

  1. Belted Cardigan


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Really along like a nightgown deserves a belt. Belt your waist to present your shape. Belted cardigan looks like an elegant coat while your curves are also shown.

  1. Mixed Print long Cardigan


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The mixed print long cardigan comes in great length. It is very good with the belt or just a rope. Gives a nice and warm look. The mixed print long cardigan is lovely, thick and can be used as a jacket.

  1. Knitted long Cardigan


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Knitted Cardigan is the best choice for freezing cold weather. They can be worn on the layered dress. It beats the cold and still makes your look gorgeous instead of that traditional sweater you wear during winter.

  1. Thin, fine long Cardigan


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The stylish cardigan for the ever youth girl in you. Wear the Long cardigan that is soft, loose, and fine. This has dropped shoulders with long sleeves and most important no rope or buttons.

  1. Lace Cardigan


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Long Sleeve Lace Cardigan is a beautiful cardigan; which can be worn during a beautiful autumn. Lace Crochet Long Sleeve Cardigan leaves the front open. It is a lovely lace fabric that can be worn on a short shirt without sleeves.

  1. Professional Buttoned Cardigan


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Professional long cardigan has well made round buttons. Made in wool this cardigan comes with extension sleeves. Best suited with jeans for a professional detective. Well suited for cold weather.

  1. Cashmere Wool


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Cashmere wool long cardigan comes in chic cream color. It comes with pleasing belted waist. The adaptable color can be worn after the season as cashmere wool is light in weight, soft and fine in texture.

  1. Wrap Cardigan


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A spectacular, wrap-style cardigan.  It is cut with a lop-sided hem and held with only one single button at the neckline.

  1. Dolman Sleeve Cardigan


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Full-length dolman sleeve gives a gently rounded look. Suitable for summer. Fashion knot at the chest gives a debonair look.

  1. Ribbed Cardigan


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The ribbed cardigan is a brand new style. This featherweight ribbed cardigan is a stylish, informal choice and perfect for layering. Slide yours on over skinny jeans. Measuring just below the knee, it plugs into a more contemporary outline for the easy intermediary style.

  1. Multi-ribbed Cardigan


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Multi-ribbed long sleeve cardigan comes with a suitable three-hook. This stresses on a Cutaway hem, Long sleeves, Multi-grooved collar, Open styling, disheveled front, three hook closures and unlined. It gives a complete look to the jeans and the tank top. By itself, this forms a whole dress.

  1. Distraught jean and white T-shirt


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A plain long sleeve dark cardigan goes with distraught jeans and a simple white T-shirt. Cardigan adds the flashy look to the distraught jeans. Most important choose a front open waterfall cardigan.

  1. Cardigan over Sweater and White jeans


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Cover your long cardigan on top of a short sleeve sweater.  Wear white jeans and closed shoe suitable for late winter and premature spring months. The pink scarf gives a pleasant look on an open cardigan with ankle length white jeans.

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