50 Interesting Things You Can Do Once You Turn 18

Every teenager has this question what can you do when you turn 18? in her mind.

The magic number 18 gives some overpowering rights to every woman. We compiled the most interesting things you can do once you turn 18. 

Things you can do once you turn 18

1.Open a bank account in your name


One can open an account with any bank as you attain 18years of age as now you are a minor. Banks provide cheque book and debit card using school identity card as proof and have their first debit card. Having an own account sounds crazy as you can have your account to have your money.

2.Cast Your Vote


As it sounds cool and exciting, voting is an important part of an adult citizen. One of the thing you can do at 18 is that you have a legal right to vote and have a say in who runs the country. The people in power have a significant impact on your day to day life, so don’t let your voice go unheard. If you have always had the urge to participate in the government and contribute to your country, you can check it off your because now you are allowed to do it. Being 18 means that you are an adult now and are capable of making your decisions.

3.Get a credit card


 As you are a minor, you can get your credit card, which is either a perk or a problem, depending on your spending and payable habits.  Doing this you can start a good credit history, so learn to handle wisely, and as it is exciting to have an own credit card at the same time, it is a significant commitment, through which you can learn to maintain one’s finances. If you own this you’re more likely to get things on finance, be approved for loans, and even get a mortgage to buy your place someday.

4.Learn how to cook at least one meal

Whenever you happen to be yourself, try out your cooking skills. You can win over friends and impress your mother with your culinary skills. You may have to stay alone regarding your studies or work, and at that time, this will help you.



Travelling is what keeps me motivated, and it helps me unleash my photographer side. Some of us like adventuring especially when we are with our friends. So when I turn 18, I would like to go to beaches, historical places, and explore the mountains and unleash my photography. Taking photos will have a keepsake of that day to look at and smile remembering the past days spent with friends. When you turn 18, you are mature enough that you don’t need anyone to take care of you and can travel alone.

6.Go To A Festival


Festivals are playgrounds for young, fun seeking people just like yourself. Pick one that has some of yours favourite artists playing at it, save up and let your hair down because most festivals let over 18. As it will be more fun at midnight, walking with friends and seeing the whole festival light up.

7.Change Your Looks

change your look

Everyone wants to have a new look, especially when you are a teenager you feel to have a different look. So go and try different things like haircuts, hair dyes, tattoos and even piercing on your body. Dye your hair like crazy with few streaks or some dip-dying can be more than enough. You are young, so have some fun. However, the hair will fade and grow in no time anyway. Get your belly button if you are feeling adventurous, mix some ear piercings too. Changing your look is one of the best things you can do at 18.

8.Be On A Jury

Be on a Jury

You can now expect to take on is that you can be called a jury duty and find this experience exciting and enlightening. Serving on a jury is an important public duty that you will rarely be asked to do. Juries are made up of people from all walks of life, they are supposed to reflect the community and should attain 18years of age.

9.Take Your Own Decisions

Take Your Own Decisions

When we turn 18, we become an adult and are expected to make the right choices about their medical treatment, finances, and life. To make theses decisions binding, the person should be competent to understand the decision being made and the consequences of that decision. According to the law, you don’t need your parent’s permission for everything. Individual decisions like managing any money you make from working, buying certain things on your own.

10. Spend Some Time for Yourself Every morning

The first few minutes of your mornings are the most important of your day and can set the tone for positivity and productivity. Give yourself at least 15 minutes of no screen time. Stretch a little and meditate which gives you a better feel. This is one of the best things which one should start when he or she turn 18.

11.Be an Entrepreneur

Ba an Entrepreneur

As you have turned, 18you can plan to set up a business if you think you are capable of doing it on your own very well then you can give a try because there has to be the first time for everything. Now you can also have a business license to start your own business as you have attained 18years.

12.Do Your Favourite Job


Jobs are the one you choose by your interest, through which one can make money and put into your account to fulfil your needs. You can choose the jobs like mother’s helper by watching or play with children while a parent is in the home getting other work done. Babysitter, pet sitter, dog walker, plant nurse house sitter, doll designer or T-shirt designer, etc.

13.Enjoy A Ride Of a Your Car


Everyone love to drive, whether it is a girl or boy all have excitement to ride a car, bike. When we watch elders driving, we too think of doing it, but everything has an age limit. Once you are eighteen years of age, you can get a driving license with which no one can stop you from driving. However driving is not that difficult, but it’s all about getting a legal permission to drive which you can get once you turn 18.

14.Donate Blood


Blood donating is a service to humankind, by doing this you will help a needy and save a person. Transfusion of blood every year saves Millions of life all over the world. Life may depend on a gesture from you, a bottle of blood, however donating blood will cost you nothing but it will save a life. One must be at least 18 years old to donate blood. It’s so fulfilling because you can save lives and you can make a difference without harming your body or making a payment.

15.Work More


You now have many activities and opportunities to spend your free time on, including spending more time at work. You can work for more hours than the given hours without any legal restrictions. As you want to save up more money and buy something for yourself or family members, then the only thing you can do is to work a bit more than the usual hours. Before the age of 18, you are not allowed to work more than the certain specified times which are being allocated. Turning 18 can let you work for more than the usual hours without any issues.

16.Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The thrill comes from the free falling and the rebound, when the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils and continues to oscillate up and down. Teens who are interested in some adventurous sport are likely to enjoy this most.

17.Change Your Name

This is one of the weird things you can do at 18. Some people have very long and traditional names, which they don’t like. If you have a grown up hating with your name because your friends tease you, you can end up now that you are 18. You can change your name of your choice which is something cooler one.

18.Write A Check

As you are 18 now, you cannot only have a bank account, but you can also have a check book. Having a checkbook makes you feel like a grown up and writing a check for payment.

19.Join The Military


Many of us have a dream to serve our country if you too have then this is the right age. Legally 18is the age for joining the armed services. You can also enlist the army, navy, air force or marines of your choice and fulfil the dream to serve the country.

20.Explore The NightLife

Explore the night life

Teen night clubs give teens a safe place to go with their friends where they can enjoy themselves following certain rules. Teens are more interested in dancing than a juice bar. The clubs have dancing, flashing lights and a live  DJ which provide a safe place to have fun and also provides the community with a business that caters to the youth of the community.However, most clubs will give you a wristband or a stamp that you are underage and can’t drink. Other than this you can party the night away.

21.Buy A Lottery Ticket

Buy a Lottery Tickets

Being 18 opens you up to many opportunities to make money. This you can do by buying a lottery ticket and try your luck. Though you can’t go to a casino or do large things, at least you can try your luck with the lottery. We can just try this for fun as now we are 18 and never before got a chance to do like this.



Everyone cannot go for skydiving; it needs lots of courage. Skydive is very thrilling and adventurous; it’s not everybody who can do it. It is one which we have to try once as it is a lifetime experience that you can never forget. The way we fall through the clouds and the adrenaline rushes, but this adventurous sport is only for age 18.



Having fun and entertainment is everyone’s wish. There are many activities to have a good time, gambling is one of them. It is fun event provided you don’t get addicted or go crazy. It is something everyone can’t handle as it is very addictive and those who do not know how to do it must stay away from it.

24.Cash Savings Bonds


Saving money for our needs is a good idea, as it is the only helpful thing which will stand by you when you are in need. Savers account is one of those options, but you can only open that account on your name if you are 18. You can have saving bonds for yourself by your name as now you are 18.

25.Secure Your Life – Get Life Insurance

Secure YOur Life Get Life Insurance

A small whole life insurance policy can help introduce a teenager to the world of saving, financial planning, and delayed gratification. You can get insurance only if you are 18, before it, you can’t get it. So now you can have a policy in your name.

26.Make Your Choices

Make Your Own Choices

You want to do business with your friend, as now you are 18 you can do this. A person is not eligible to sign a partnership until she has turned 18. Signing contract is a legal business which needs to be done by a mature adult a person less than 18 is not eligible enough to do so.

27.Habitat  For Humanity


Habitat for Humanity has a Youth United program in which the young people in your organisation can plan and build a home for a local family. Teens of age 18 can assist with a variety of jobs which gives a very rewarding experience to get to see first hand how their work helps a particular family.

28.Stand For Election As A Member Of  Parliament


Members of parliament represent the people of their local constituency in the House of Commons. If you have strong political belief and you would like to represent a local community, this job may offer the opportunities you’re looking for. To be able to stand as an MP, you must have at least18 years of age.

29.Go On Cruise


If you want to do something different then here is the choice for you. Travelling is a passion for many of us; then you can try to go on a cruise by yourself as it’s almost worth doing it which will be one of your good memories.

30.Buy Fireworks


Earlier were the days when you had to bribe a friend or sibling to buy fireworks for you. Now as you are 18, you can strut right into the stand and buy your own. It gives a powerful feeling to be able to buy something that was formerly illegal to purchase.

31.Get Into A Proper Skincare Routine


Your skin during age 18 is at its most turbulent. Your body is ranging with a million different harmonies, and this is naturally going to affect your skin, remedy that by getting into a steady skincare routine and sticking to it.

32.Voter Id

A voter ID is a law that requires a person to show the form of identification to vote or receive a ballot for an election. Every citizen who is 18 years old is eligible to be enrolled.Voting offers every citizen a medium of expression; it allows every citizen to have a say in what should constitute the matters of importance by voting for the candidate he or she deems fit for the purpose. So as you are 18 years old, you have a responsibility as it is a right.

33.Decide Your Future

Decide Your Future

18 is the age you attain majority; you are considered matured enough to know the right from the wrong. So it is the age where you decide what your future should be. Remember the seed for your future is nurtured now. So take a time to consider your future and plan the execution. Take time for yourself, to reflect what you want to become, how you are going to achieve it, etc. This is one of the most prominent in the list of things you can do when you turn 18.

34.Choose A Better Field

As you are 18 years old, this is an important step for building your future. If you haven’t taken admission into a college yet, you need to think about your real interests, dreams, and passion. Then make a decision of choosing the right field, which should be based on your interest. Your career may depend a lot on this decision so set a good goal depending on your interest.

35.Plan Your Life


Now that you are 18 years old, it’s a good time to plan your life. Planning your life is a very important thing when you want a good career and want to live a real life. The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life you dream of.


One can apply for a PAN card as now you are 18. PAN card is for reporting requirement for Income, and it doesn’t depend on age. You can apply through his/her guardian.You can apply for educational loans will be jointly applied for by your parent and you. PAN card is nowadays necessary for opening bank accounts and doing several transactions.

37.Organ Donor Card

Anyone who has completed 18years of age can join the organ donation card. You may specify in the centralised organ donation card which organ you wish to donate. Family members are to be informed about your choice.

38.Pawn Something

The core of a pawn store’s business is making collateral loans. Pawn stores offer loans, secured by something of value.  They focus on lending money. Now as you are 18years old, you can make a pawn loan or sell something at a pawn shop.

39.Keep Some Diary/Photo Album

This is an excellent way to catch up on all of your photos, as a book filled with photo memories is a priceless keepsake that can be enjoyed for generations and your effort to create it is undeniable proof of your love. There’s nothing better than randomly discovering a book filled with precious, youthful memories.


A passport issued to citizens are allowed to travel abroad. It enables the bearer to travel internationally and sevens as a proof of citizenship. Usually, a passport gets expired in five years for ages up to 18, once they complete 18years the expiration is extended to 10years.

41.Social Media


Spend less time on social media and more time being social. Put away the smartphones, video games and go out to do things with people. This is the time to make your career, so you need to give up the social media.

42.Earn money On the Internet

Make money on internet

Earn money through the power of Internet, as it is called imagination land. By playing cards right, you can make some  money online doing things you’ already doing. You can do jobs like data entry, form filling jobs, etc.

43.Be Aware of Law

A lawyer is better to tell you the details about the laws and the rules applied to individuals, but there is a rule that being a child the rules are not the same for both. A child who is below 18 cannot get convicted as an adult. A child who is below 18 cannot be hanged until he has turned 18 as they are different laws for children and adults.

44.Hang Out With Your Friends

The 18th birthday is a very special one because it will demarcate a line between your childhood and your adulthood. You can go to a bar and hang out with friends as the legal age is 18 and above. Drinking is illegal for people under 18, and it becomes legal enough to buy them when one attains 18years.

45.Feel Mature By Adopting. Child

Adopt a Child

Everyone who is 18 doesn’t adopt a child, wealthy celebrities who like doing such volunteer work for the orphans and the needy. It is legal for people who have 18years can adopt a child and can take the responsibility to take care of a child. Doing this we can feel responsible and grown up that you want to caring for another child.

46.Gym Time Is Critical While You Are Young

You must build your body and your strength, as a sick native woman is a failure. Now it is the time to get in the gym and make your body naturally to its peak. A body built when you are young will stay fit with you for a lifetime.Working out in gym reduces stress, boosts happy chemicals, improves self-confidence, boosts brainpower and helps control addiction to drugs or alcohol. Regular physical activity boosts memory and ability to learn new things. As you are 18, it’s the right time to start the gym.

47.Lease An Apartment  Or A House

Being a teenager all you want to do is explore different things and enjoy. Now the time has come for which you were waiting for a long time. When teens turn 18, they are legally adults and can be legally bound by contracts such as a lease agreement. When minor teens wish to rent an apartment, he is responsible for paying rent and the property’s upkeep.

48.Sue Someone

After you are 18years you can sue another person, you can make that decision, go to court, sign all the papers and even hire a lawyer of your own. You can sue anyone for any reason; that doesn’t mean you would win.

49.Do Not Make Men Your  Priority

Making money and building a life can be priorities for yourself. The attraction you have at this age for a guy is the only infatuation,  he can be replaced but not your career. Never make any man the number one priority in your life.Put your desires and priorities first because the most important person in your relationship is you that should be the frame to keep in mind. Always put yourself above all and make yourself the most important person in your life.


Grow your love for any particular fields like Arts, mechanics, economics, etc. and choose your studies accordingly. This will ensure you whether you will become an employee or employer in the future. We all have a personal liking to particular kind of art or act; that drives us crazy, and we love doing it. You could cultivate your passion into a profession and earn money from it as you are 18 years old you can do something that you love.

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